neděle 1. října 2017

86. I want to go to a Czech hairdresser and i need to speak Czech

Welcome to special course of Czech with Pictures studio. Once for a month I'm going to make an extra course for you, who wants to use Czech language just in daily situations.

First workshop is focused on visiting a hairdresser.
We are going to learn the vocabulary and basic phrases and try to use them in real situations.
BONUS: You will get a special book full of these phrases and vocabulary to take away.
So next time there won't be any problems in the hairstudio :)

For your registration please follow the link below:

The price is 520,- CZK for a person.

Like all of my lessons, also this workshop takes place in the Czech with Pictures studio on Kroftova 6, Brno 61600.

If you have any questions just write me and I will try to help you :)
I'm looking forward to see you there.

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